First health care system coin: PFZER COIN

Thank you all for interest in our latest coin, PFZER. These hard times, where people gets frustrated all the time in the world, we suggest a special coin, which gets you an opportunity to acquire real non fungible currency as: vaccination, PGR test, opportunity pass, bountys's and more.


Coin sales for First step

100 000 PFZR

1 Masternode = 100 000 PFZR

BTC Address: 14RTB9rdjGwoGvQxidrDyivhqduAb1DdVC

Revolution In medical coin. You can deposit coin and get a vaccination, test, genuine papers in anonimity way.

The Most Complete Cryptocurrency Services we offer

Coin Pre-Sales Bonus

First Presale

  • 3 Masternodes
  • PRICE – 0.20 BTC
  • 1 Masternode = 100.000 PFZR

Second Presale

  • 10 Masternodes
  • PRICE – 0.19 BTC
  • 1 Masternode = 100.000 PFZR

Third Presale

  • 7 Masternodes
  • PRICE – 0.17 BTC
  • 1 Masternode = 100.000 PFZR

The roadmap -1.0 Access - Q1 2021
  • Technology Advancement

    2021 Early June

    Coin presale and access to the platform and wallet coin holders;

  • Listing in Exchange systems

    2021 June

    * Adding to crypto exchange CREX24
    * Adding to crypto Dex-Trade
    * Adding 1 cklick masternode system

  • Additional wallets

    2021 Late June

    Linux, Mac, Android and iOS wallet versions

  • Staking and synchronizing

    2021 Early July

    Add decentralized finance (DeFi) component and beginning of rewards staking and synchronizating in real time vaccinations all over the world;

  • PFZR Listing in Exchanges

    2021 July

    PFZR coin listing on hitbtc cryptocurrency exchange system.

  • Mobile Application Android/iOS

    2021 Late June

    Put PFZR coin wallet on mobile devices for staking compatibilities

  • NFT shop - marketplace

    2021 Early August

    August – creation of marketplace of NFT platform where assets that can be deployed into the vaccinations and they can be bought on the market place. DeFi capabilities will be added to the in the marketplace assets.